Our males are available for health tested females who have good solid working character.

Uroksemme ovat käytettävissä terveiksi testatuille nartuille, joilla on hyvä, vakaa rodulle ominainen luonne.


Lexa Estate Guardian's Pronto

PH Top30% (perinteisen kuvan lausunto B/B), elbows 0/0, SLTE 60/60

dob 23.8.2011

  sire: Minos de Irema Curtó
dam: Daga de Tibicena

Pronto is obedient, easy to handle but a very good guardian. Very balanced nerve structure. Friendly for strangers when owner is with him, otherwise not. Loves children. Doesn't get along with other males, beautifully with females and puppies. Prey/defence 40/60%. Good full grips. Maximum powerpull record 127,5kg's. Large male, 73cm/55kg in ripped condition.



Sobresalir Barabel

PH Top30% (perinteisen lausunto C/D), elbows 0/0, sydänultra ok, hammaspuutos P4 molemmin puolin

dob 11.8.2014


sire: Tristan King-Zulu

dam: Grejon's Arwen de Sobresalir


Barabel is a high drive male! Full, extremely hard bites. Excellent with enviromentals. Good with children, puppies and females, dominant towards males. Stabile with strangers, but has defence. Prey/defence 70/30%. Extremely good nerves, loves to work with handler, not too trainer soft. Excellent dog for biteworking. Missing P4 on both sides. Medium size male, 64cm/42kg in very ripped condition.


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